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Sabah and Ba'Kelalan 4X4 Expedition

Departure date: TBA
Maximum : 5 cars



YouTube Ba'Kelalan Expedition Video


This expedition is perhaps one of the great ways to discover parts of Malaysian Borneo unseen by many and to experience a high adventure like the old Camel Trophy. It has something for everyone; from hot and humid sea level to altitudes of 2,000 meters where temperate vegetables blossoms in the cool mountain air.

 Trail around Kinabalu areas

Temperate fruit orchard in Ba'Kelalan


One would drive on high roads that look down at clouds, rivers and isolated hill villages and enjoy vistas of rolling hills covered thick in tropical rainforest. Apart from driving along some of the best sceneries in Borneo, the other highlights of the trip would include a visit to Mesilau at the famed Kinabalu Park, to see the Nepenthes Rajah, the largest pitcher plant in the world, the Kundasang market which is fast becoming Malaysia’s vegetable basket where we will stay at Pine Resort that commands the best view of Mt. Kinabalu. We will also visit Ba’Kelalan, a village in the Sarawak highlands that has a unique and distinctive Lun Bawang culture where apples and a host of other temperate fruits grow.

One of the many scenic villages that the expedition passes 


Needless to say the drive will be the highlight as it covers good paved roads in Koto Kinabalu, uncovered mountain gravel roads lined with pine trees with extreme gradients in the Kinabalu highlands and on to the dirt and mud roads where conditions varies with the weather to Ba’Kelalan.


Learn convoy rules in Essential 4X4 Driving


This is a moderate 4X4 expedition trip with fairy light and easy driving on the first 4 days and getting into some pretty extreme terrain on days 5 - 7. We would be conducting a course on Essential 4X4 Driving so that we would all have a safe journey.


All you need for this trip is an adventurous spirit and a good sense of humour. We will do the rest. A variety of packages are offered for this expedition.


Cost for the above tour:

Package A – Days 1 – 4, 4D Sabah Drive RM 1,420 per person

Package B – Days 4 – 8, 5D Ba’Kelalan Expedition RM 1,600 per person

Package C – Days 1 – 8, 8D Sabah and Ba’Kelalan Expedition RM 2,100 per person

Price is calculated based on 4 persons riding together in ONE vehicle.






Day 1

Arrival into KK, self drive to hotel. Tour of KK and the Waterfront.

In the evening a course on Essential 4x4 Driving will be conducted.

Arrival into BKI before noon.

Lunch on own. Bundusan Hotel

Day 2

Breakfast at Bundusan area and head to Tamparuli, then into Kiulu off road

Packed your own lunch


Exit at Nabalu to shop for souvenirs. Head to Pine Resort, Kundasang.

Pine Resort


Day 3

A Flora and Fauna day tour. Highlight is a visit to see the largest pitcher plant at Mesilau. Visit the Kundusang vegetable and flower market.

After own lunch continue to Bundu Tuhan. Then head straight back to and overnight in KK.

Lunch on own at ‘Milk Shop’.

Bundusan hotel


Day 4

Departure/arrival and travel day

This depends on the expedition package.


Package A – ends tour at BKI airport



Package B. Meet with Package B group arriving at BKI airport. Drive from KK to Lawas and overnight Lawas.

For this group, a course on Essential 4x4 Driving will be conducted.

Package C group free and easy in KK. Join Package B group who arrive late morning.

Meals on own. Change tyres to extreme off road tyres in Lawas.


Package C. Breakfast and depart to Lawas and on to Merarap Hot spring. (If no Package B arrival)

Meals on own. Shop for lunch on Day 5. Change to extreme off road tyres in Lawas.

Day 5

Lawas or Merarap to Ba’Kelalan. Full day off road travel 160kms in extreme conditions. Arrive in the evening.

Own breakfast and packed lunch.

Overnight and dinner included at Apple Lodge.

Day 6

Breakfast and tour of Ba’Kelalan

Breakfast , lunch and dinner included at Apple Lodge

Day 7

Early breakfast and depart to KK. Long day of driving. Overnight in KK.

Breakfast in lodge included. Own packed lunch and overnight at

Bundusan Hotel.

Day 8

Free till late morning departure.



Please note the following:

  1. In villages and built up areas there may be restroom facilities. But in the bush, one needs to go bush.
  2. Drives are usually punctuated by meals, rest and pee stops. We also stop to take pictures of scenic areas.
  3. Please bring along your passport for crossing state borders between Sabah and Sarawak.
  4. Road conditions to Ba’Kelalan can be very muddy and you are to assist in vehicle recovery. The travel time also varies from 4 to 10 hours.


Items included in the cost are:

  1. 1 unit Self-Drive Rental 4X4 Vehicle (conditions are as per normal rental vehicle)
  2. 1 fully prepared guide/escort vehicle
  3. Hotel and lodge accommodation included


Not included are:

  1. Meals. Only meals at Apple Lodge in Ba’Kelalan are included in the cost.
  2. Beverages and water
  3. Snacks and alcoholic drinks
  4. Fuel
  5. Items such as topping up of oils and fluids, etc. 
  6. Entrance fees to Kinabalu national park (Day 3)


We would provide more information such as what to bring list as well as information on insurance and vehicle rental conditions. Please send us an email to book your trip and to help prevent spam, please cut and paste this email address: outdoortreks@gmail.com