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Home made winch bar for Range Rover Vogue Classic (94).

See how it is done. Who done it? Chia Hua welding . See this link.


The Hilux came with standard front bumpers and an A-bar. "I have been wanting to swap the bar but could not find a suitable bar up to now". Now is when she found an ARB Commercial Winch Bar. Normal ARBs or its copies usually have a stainless steel shiny round bars on the top which to some is not rugged enough or an eye sore.

This winch bar is a practical piece of apparatus. A winch can easily sit in it without having to make additional bracing. The entry angle has also improved by at least 15 degrees. There are also holes for sport lights and two antennas. Price is RM 2,000 (bar is not new) from Siong Fah, Miri but also available from any ARB agent such as 4WD Equipment in Miri and also Borneo 4WD centre in Kota Kinabalu.

This is the time to install all goodies and test and try them out before the  season starts. This is perhaps the only Prado TZ to hit the dirt. Fitted with ARB goodies - the latest is the Sahara Winch Bar. and also HERE at Borneo 4WD in Kota Kinabalu.

Installation was a simple bolt on process at the workshop. There was no need for any extra cutting and welding, thanks to the original Japanese specs on this imported car. The entry angle was greatly improved compared to the A bar that it came with and in water crossing, we found that it behaved like a hull in diverting water from the engine bay. There was a small issue with the spot lamps on the bar, there were not waterproof - perhaps someone has tampered with them - we don't believe that ARB's IPFs are not waterproof. A little sealant did the trick.

The Safari Snorkel

In Borneo, it rains and it pours and there are a lot of water crossings. Having a snorkel is a MUST! Not only does it prevent water ingestion into the engine but also give the engine nice, clean, cool air. Cost about RM 1,300 or so depending on model. This is a cut here, bolt on operation. More here.



Ground Anchor by Lau Metal Works

This is an anchor that knows no luxury and style - only that it sticks in the ground and anchors well. It is bulky and storing it can be an issue compared  to the factory made imported ones but sells for about half the price at about RM 400.

Where to get one? Lau Metal Works, 9th Mile Penrissen Road, Kuching. Call Lau: 019 887 2215


Roll cage by Tong Seng

The roll cage is designed by Eddie, the vehicle owner. He moved from internal to external roll cage after organising the Lundu Off Road Assault where competitors had to tackle technical tree lined course. He had the chance to test the cage on the 7 Bridges Trail when he had to slide the Big Cat on its side through a deep gulley. The roll cage get full marks for protection but scratches result in rust appearing. It need to be powder coated. As usual, being the prototype there could be a few more improvements in later designs. Cost about RM 800.

Where to get one? Tong Seng 4 Wheel Drive Accessories, Padungan Road, Kuching.

Roof rack by Chia Hua Metal Works

This is the second roof rack that Chia Hua made for Land Rover 110. Part of the design followed the military Defenders 110. It was designed by owner Malcolm and is more refined and galvanised. This is one roomy roof rack that can double as a carrier and a roof tent can be pitched on this 1.9m X 1.2m rack. Cost about RM 600 before the metal price hike but much cheaper than a Thule or similar factory made that may cost up to RM 1,000.

Where to get one? Chia Hua Metal Works, Jalan Ang Cheng Ho Road. Come prepared with a design.

Lightforce Drive Lights

Look no more. The best of the best is really not like the rest. These babies rock! Turn the adjustment knob and you get a pencil shaft of light. Turn it the other way and you get a flood light. These lights are so versatile, they really are good for all types of driving whether expedition or highway commute. They are light and vibrate less with less mounting wear. The good news is that they are available here in Borneo. Borneo 4WD is an appointed distributor, contact Lim at

Differential Guard

Almost all UK Land Rover off roaders use them. All American rock crawling off roaders use them too. We never use them because we never have a chance to get them until now. Bolt on fitment makes this easier than 1,2,3. Protects your diffs, no fear when rocks are in sight.  Ones imported from UK through Singapore cost almost RM200. Locally fabricated ones will cost RM 60! Take your pick.

Where to get one? Locally fabricated ones from Tong Seng, Kuching.

Mud Terrain Shoes

99% of people in the outlying villages use these rubber shoes. They are grippy (look at the studs) 100 pure natural rubber shoes dry out very quickly when wet. Besides they only cost anything between RM 5-8 per pair and can be found in sizes up to 45. The minuses are that you must wear socks as they are not breathable and the fit. Also not easy to find in city areas.

Where to get one? Cheap shoe store or in the trading post in the country... .

ARB makes many goodies for your 4X4. They make very good bull bars. Although there are cheaper copies from Thailand and elsewhere nothing beats the real McCoy. You can purchase Sahara Bull Bars from Four Wheel Drive Equipment in Miri, Sarawak. Contact Charles Lim or tel: +6085 655019

Picture from ARB online catalogue.


DIY Cargo barrier for RM 50! Here how to do it step by step.