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Page 5 - Photo Gallery

Coming over in ferry no.1

Triton and 74 sits proudly in front of the ferry

different ferry

Triton and MkII sits in front this time round leading the way


Voon's MkII about to do self recovery

cable pull

Malcolm and Jordan helping to pull the winch cable for MkII's self recovery


Labo's Hilux- this car is a veteran of Borneo Safari having done 3 tours

Tenom pamelo

here is close crop of Tenom's famous fruit


stock standard and yet able to handle the extreme terrain - that's 25 years of tech imporvement since the MkIIs

Loggers are on holidays during CNY

making ti easy to drive on loggin roads

Nothing but..

nothing.. only trails in the isolated Sabah's interior

Labo's food..

just out of Keningau, Labo stops for his favourite beer condiment

Fazili is a Land Rover enthusiast and draws them all the time

we offerred 4 eggs for the borken water pump but it did

not want to receive them and continued to leak..

Tokino and Zam

were our RTM TV cameraman who documented the trip as it developed

final group picture taken at Sandakan

Yellow fin!

These were what we wanted to catch in Sandakan

weird shells

do people really eat these?

Sandakan roundabout no.1 - spiney lobster

Sandakan rounabout No.2 - croc

Sandakan roundabout No.3 -

orang utan and probs monkey.. wildlife is teeming out of everything here

Datuk Masidi Manjun

we bumped into Sabah's Tourism Minister at Kundasang and took a group picture.

LRO Sandakan

This was taken after Chuin helped us changed the belting on our car with some of the Land Rover guys.

hotel front repair

Labo DIY and reinstalled the water pump. 50 mins later, we were on our way to Sandakan