Central Sarawak 4X4 Challenge 2007

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Competition Pictures (more pictures will be posted soon)

Robert's climb

Only 2 competitors made it up this climb Robert and Jacko who was a second faster


came to compete in Group B, and promise to make the jump to Group A next time round

Muddy affair

SS1 started with a muddy affair. Here co-drivers strut their stuff

Swamp thing

Wong in mud action.

This is Winch power

Sabahans and event champ gave a good display of winching power

Arnold the mountain man

and Aboy still clean as they got into SS1

Mud Bash!

Jacko fully committed into the mud bath

Groups A comp

cars, all nice and clean, line the parc ferme in preparation for SS1

Ah Song full

concentration and determination to cross over the mud

Getting out

of the swamp looked hard but it was actually the easy part

Bintulu boleh!

The Solid car going up and over

The Deep

the depth of the water is indicated by the co-driver (he was also a short fellow)


Aboy throws his plasma rope to his co-driver only to find that his car 'died' in the water.

Swamp buggy

Ah Shin's buggy over the swamp SS but still had to be winched

Bintulu's top

Apai Innovation were top local team finishing 5th in Group A unlimited

up and over

Soon, champ for >1800cc GroupA winches up to clear SS5

FSA -Robert Chien

going Full Speed Ahead. He overshot a turn and recorded a slower time


gentleman Teng floors the throttle in the speed SS6

Ah Shin

clears SS 2 climb without a sweat, equipped by his powerful winch

Jacko wack it O

the fastes time was recrded by Jacko with his skillful driving