Central Sarawak 4X4 Challenge 2007

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Pictures of People, their cars, ceremonies, scrutineering, flag off, etc.


atmospher was relax and easy during scrutineering

Teng's rig

was worked on to the 11th hour right before registration was closing

Merdeka rig

eventual champ's Chang brother's rig was prepared for the national 50th anniversay celebrations with colours of Malaysia

race brief

was held a no nonsense affair with new safety standards being announced

head team

L-R: Laurence Baraw- Competition manager, Eddie Alvarado- Technical manager, Malcolm Jitam - Event Director, Robert Chien - Local logistics, Md Masshoud - Event Steward

Malcolm explains

the finer points of a prepared vehicle to Gracie (CEO Sarawak Toursm) and Tony Wong VIP rep for Senator Datuk Hii

Flag off

was jointly handled by VIPs and organisers

Marshals briefing

event Steward, Md Masshoud from MAM shares the finer points of marshalling an event

Parkcity Mall

was the point of congregation for all who were involved in the event

scirrors, paper, stone!

that was how the starting order for the Group A >1800 cc was chosen

Group B champ Rumy

get his time check from the marshal

Siong Fah

get up close and personal with TV3 host Herman

Event Champ was

in seruious mood all the way during competition


Ah Kion shows how it's like t be a co-driver and grimmaces from the strain of making his way through mud

TV3 host Herman

and cameraman Fiaroz takes a breather with new found friends in Bintulu


the Sabahans discuss winch modification while waiting for the official announcement of the results

Scrutineering team

L-R Charles Lim (Miri), Laurence and Eddie

Jungle Man Award

goes to Lim from Sabah for his valuable contribution

Registration day

Eunice, sceretary of event at Medan Jaya where the scrutineering was held


waits for his co-driver to set up the winch before proceeding

Best Marshal Award

goes to Ah Leong from Bintulu who learnt on the job, a fast learner and steady. He receives GX Racing oils from Shawn Tan of United Oil

Red Crescent

Johnny and Lucas were on hand with an ambulance and first response, since it was incident free, they enjoyed the watching the competition