Event Rules




The Central Sarawak FORCE is an event designed to give four wheel drive competitors a challenging experience in full view of the general public making 4X4 a spectator sport. Driver’s skills, driver and co-driver communications and ingenuity will be tested. The ability of one team to work with another will also be tested in the tag-team stages.




This event is run in accordance with the National Competition Rules of the Motorsports Association of Malaysia and these Supplementary Regulations.


The Supplementary Regulations are subject to changes, which will be published through Additional Supplementary Regulations (ASR’s) if necessary.



1.0        EVENT


            1.1        Name of Event   : CENTRAL SARAWAK FORCE 2007

            1.2        Date of Event     : 28 – 30 September 2007

            1.3        Venue of Event   : Bintulu

            1.4        Organizer          : Outdoor Treks Sdn Bhd

            1.5        Event Status      : Entry Event ( Open )

            1.6        MAM Event Permit No.    : F001-2007

            1.7        Name of Officials            :

                                    MAM Steward                            : Md Masshoud Hj Md Umar

                                    Clerk of the Course                    : Malcolm Jitam

Dep. Clerk of the Course             : Eddie Alvarado

Judges of Facts                          : Lawrence Baraw Ullok

                                    Secretary of the Meet                 : Eunice Jitam

                                    Chief Post Marshall                     : Darren Jee

                                    Chief Timekeeper                       : Mel Jitam

                                    Chief Scrutineer                         : Eddie Alvarado

                                    Chief Safety Marshal                   : Laurence Baraw Ullok

                                    Chief Medical Officer                   : _______________________     


1.8        All matters pertaining to the event are to be directed to:

Eunice Lin

Secretary for Central Sarawak 4X4 Challenge

c/o No. 460 Lorong Kedandi 11A, Tabuan Dusun

93250 Kuching, Sarawak

Tel/fax: 082 363344, Mobile: 012 888 6460

Email: best@bikcloud.com


2.0        GENERAL


            2.1        Eligible Entrants

                        2.1.1     All drivers must be in possession of valid driver’s licence.

2.1.2     All drivers must obtain a MAM One-Event Licence or a MAM Clubman permanent licence. (Licence forms available at registration).


            2.2        Eligible Vehicles

2.2.1     All vehicles must be road registered, valid road tax and insured with minimum of 3rd party insurance.

2.2.2     Vehicles are to be standard 4X4 with 4 road wheels.



27 September Thursday

2 pm onwards - vehicle scrutineering for Bintulu based vehicles

Swee Hin Tyre & Battery Service Centre, Medan Jaya

28 September

9 AM - Vehicle scrutineering

Swee Hin Tyre & Battery Service Centre, Medan Jaya







Event competition stages to be held at Jalan Sibiyu, opposite Sekolah Rendah Siong Boon, Bintulu Town


29 September

9 am - Group A, special stages 2 - 4

9 am Group B, special stages 2 - 4


30 September

Group A, special stage 5 & 6

Group B, special stage 5

6.30 pm Awards giving ceremony






There would be THREE competition classes namely:


Entry fee

Group A – unlimited

RM 300

Group A – mini 4X4 under 1,800 cc (e.g., Suzuki)

RM 300

Group B – semi-modified 4X4 vehicles (no winch required

RM 200


4.1        Those interested in participating in the competition may sign up on the spot during the scrutineering. Only bone fide owner of their vehicle can register for entry into the event. No vehicle is eligible for competition unless it passes the Scrutineering.




Clause A:  Tag Team Competition

There would be a number of Special Stages where it would require TWO cars to work one with another to get through the stage. Car A, begins in control box at the beginning of the SS while the partner car (Car B), have an option to enter the track at different points. Both Cars A + B are to complete the SS and end in the finish box.


Points would be awarded according to best finishing time, minus penalties incurred (if any). Points would be awarded in full to both members of the Team that successfully completes the stage in the best time (minus penalties). Example, if Team A, car 1 & 2 finish top without penalties, they would get 100 points each. If they DNF, they would get 20 points each. (See Scoring, section 10)




6.1        Overview
It is the Organiser’s aim to ensure a safe and incident free 4X4 competition. However, as with any type of motor sport, there is an element of danger and unplanned incidents may occur. These rules are designed for the benefit of both competitors and organisers and for the general safety of the event. The rules and regulations are also designed to advance competition standards so that this event will be on par with international ones.


6.2        Tools and equipment


6.2.1     All vehicles may carry their own tools and recovery equipment. These items are to be securely attached and fixed in the vehicle to withstand the vehicle going through a 4X4 competition special stage. Competitors may choose not to carry spare tyre or tools.


6.2.2     At no time can a vehicle in competition borrow tools and recovery equipment from another vehicle during competition. This would result in a DNF without warning for that particular stage.


6.2.3     All vehicles are to carry a spare tyre during scrutineering. This is to be securely fixed to the vehicle. Competitors may remove this spare tyre for competition.


6.2.4     All vehicles MUST carry garbage bags and all rubbish must be thrown into these bags. At no time can competitors throw rubbish discriminately. Competitors may be disqualified from competition after ONE warning.


Group A vehicles must have the following during scrutineering and competition:


·         2 pairs of heavy duty gloves for working the winch

·         Tree trunk protector – minimum 2 metres and 2 tonne rated

·         Cable or plasma rope tension dampener – minimum 1.5 kg dry weight

·         Winch in good working order and with fairlead with four way rollers.

·         The end hook securely crimped to cable.

·         2 nos. bow shackles – rated minimum 2 tonne

·         2 nos. rated bulldog clips are to be included in tool kit

·         1.4 kg fire extinguisher (suitable for motor vehicles)

·         2 nos. garbage bags

·         1 no. ground anchor

·         Spare tyre

·         1 no. jack

·         1 no. tyre wrench

·         1 no. ground anchor

·         2 nos. helmets for driver and co-driver


6.3        Vehicle Set-Up


6.3.1     All vehicles must be fitted with an aluminium or steel cargo barrier behind the drivers/co-drivers seats and attached firmly at four points. Nylon or seat belt type webbing material will not be accepted.


6.3.2     All vehicles MUST have a minimum THREE point seatbelts for driver and co-driver and the seat belts must not be worn, frayed or damaged in anyway. None roller type belt must not be worn loosely as this is unsafe.


6.3.3     All vehicles are to have recovery points on their vehicle. One in front and one at the rear of the vehicle. These recovery points are to be PAINTED RED and securely mounted to the chassis by a minimum of two 12mm, or four 10mm, grade 8 (or equivalent) high tensile bolts. Tow points can be mounted to a bulbar, if the bulbar is sufficiently strong enough to cope with a 3 tonne load.  Any vehicle with a monocoque frame will be required to apply the load equally to both sides of the vehicle frame. Failure to meet this requirement will exclude the participant from starting the event.


6.3.4     All soft top vehicles must be fitted with a roll cage with welded joints and securely fixed to the chassis. The size of the tubing used should be sturdy enough to protect both driver and co-driver in event of a roll. The Technical Director would determine if the roll cage is sturdy for the competition.


6.3.5     All competitors must wear helmets approved by the Chief Scrutineer during competition.


6.3.6     All open back vehicles must have a tailgate. Webbing materials can be used as a tailgate.


6.3.7     All vehicles in Group A competition must be fitted with a snorkel.


6.4        Tyre Condition


6.4.1     Tyres and wheels- maximum 36” diameter and 13” width.

6.4.2     Tyres are to have a minimum of 80% of the original tread dept.

6.4.3     No agricultural type tyres are allowed.

6.4.4     Mudflaps are required to be attached during scrutiny and competition.


6.5        Vehicle Condition


6.5.1     The competing vehicle must have four road wheels, to be accepted as an off road competition vehicle and be in good working order.

6.5.2      Should there be any dispute about the fitness of the said vehicle, the Chief Scrutineer will make a final decision to determine if the said vehicle is eligible for entry into the competition.


Note: item highlighted in red are penalties without warning.


6.6        Winching Procedure


6.6.1     The Driver or Co-Driver shall verbally warn bystanders when a recovery is about to commence. Call – CLEAR! 1 warning will be given before a penalty is imposed. (Failure to do will result in 10 points penalty)

6.6.2     A Driver or Co- Driver shall not stand between an anchor point and a vehicle which is being winched. Co-driver can only do so if the vehicle is stationary. 1 warning will be given before a penalty is imposed. (Failure will result in 10 points penalty)

6.6.3     Winch cable may be carried by Co- Driver during winching preparation. Cable or plasma rope must not be carried in cabin but rewound on to spool or onto bulbar and securely hooked. 1 warning will be given before a penalty is imposed. (Failure will result in 10 points penalty)

6.6.4     Damaging or falling of trees due to winch pull will result in DNF for the particular stage (without warning).

6.6.5     Tree trunk protector must be used when anchoring to either dead or alive trees. Failure to do so will result in DNF for that particular stage (without warning).

6.6.5     Winch cable under tension must have a cable dampener (1.5 kg in dry weight) placed at the third of the length between the vehicle and the anchor point at the start of the winching operation.  1 warning will be given before a penalty is imposed. (Failure will result in 10 points penalty)

6.6.6     Participant(s) shall not handle or step over an anchored winch cable under tension. 1 warning will be given before a penalty is imposed. (Failure would result in 10 points penalty)

6.6.7     A winch cable shall not be allowed to drag under the vehicle. 1 warning will be given before a penalty is imposed. (Failure would result in 10 points penalty)

6.6.8     A vehicle shall not drive over a winch cable. 1 warning will be given before a penalty is imposed. (Failure would result in 10 points penalty)

6.6.9     Cables that have snapped must be re attached to end hooks by 2 nos. bulldog or U clip (as carried in the tool kit). Tying of cables is not accepted as it poses danger. Failure to reattached cables with bulldog clips will result in DNF for that particular stage.

6.6.10   Cable that snapped cannot be jointed or tied together. Cables can only be reattached to the end hook by 2 nos. bulldog or U clips. Failure to do so will result in a DNF for that particular stage. rope can be attached to the end hook by weaving the  rope end to the main rope body with a minimum of 3 passes. Plasma ropes that have snapped can be rejoined by weaving one end of the rope to another with a minimum of 3 passes.

6.6.11   Competitors are not to loose any recovery equipment. All recovery equipment must be in the vehicle to end the stage. Any item taken or have fallen off the vehicle must be placed back in the vehicle. (Failure would result in 10 points penalty)

6.6.12   Sturdy gloves shall be worn at all times when handling a winch cable. (Failure to do so will result in 10 points penalty)

6.6.13   Unless otherwise directed, winching shall take place once Forward Momentum ceases. The Driver shall not engage in Excessive Wheel Spin. 1 warning will be given before a penalty is imposed. (Failure would result in 20 points penalty)




7.1        The Co-Driver shall be seated in the vehicle at the start and finish of each competitive special stage. Timing shall not cease until both driver and Co-Driver are seated in the vehicles with seat belts fastened.

7.2        Safety helmets are to be worn at all times while competing during the completion stage. There would be no warning. Competitors can resume competition after donning their helmets. (Failure for not wearing helmet will result in 20 points penalty)

7.3        Seat belts shall be worn during the competitive Stage whilst the vehicle is in the motion. (Failure to do will result in 20 points penalty)

7.3        Neither driver nor co-driver are allowed to ride outside the vehicle during a special stage. Counter balancing the vehicle is not allowed. 1 warning will be given before a penalty is imposed. (Failure will result in 10 points penalty)

7.4        Competitors can NOT receive any PHYSICAL outside help or assistance what so ever. Any teams that receive physical outside help will result in DNF for that particular stage.

7.5        In case of DNF, other fellow competitors or outsiders may assist in the recovery of the DNF vehicle under the instruction of track marshal.

7.6        Only competitors who are competing in a particular Special Stage are allowed to enter the competition track during the said Special Stage. Outsiders or competitors who are waiting their turn or run the SS are not allowed in the competition track. Competitors who are waiting their turn or have already competed would receive a 10 points penalty for interfering with the competition after 1 warning.

7.7        No track or Course Boundary peg shall be struck by vehicle, participant or equipment such that it falls to the ground or breaks. No track or Course Boundary marker tape shall be handled or realigned by competitor or broken. (Failure would result in 10 points penalty)

7.8        No Driver or Co-Driver shall engage in abuse of or improper behaviour before an official or to an official. Such behaviour will be brought up to the Event jury/committee and participants may be disqualified from the event.

7.9        No action by any Driver or Co-Driver shall exposure any person to harm or risk. (10 points penalty)

7.10      No driver nor co-driver are to be substituted unless due to physical injury. Any substitution would require the approval of the Steward and the Clerk of Course for the event. Any unauthorised substitution will result in disqualification for the team.

7.11      Alcohol shall not be consumed prior to or during any Stage. During competition all competitors must maintain a zero Blood Alcohol level. Participants may be disqualified from competition if they are seen consuming alcohol.




8.1        Teams that DNS (Did Not Start) a Special Stage, will receive zero points and may incur additional penalty points allocated under the competition rules.

8.2        A team that fails to present the vehicle at the starting line in a ready to start condition in the allocated starting order at the required time without the prior permission of the Competition Manager shall be awarded a DNS and no score or penalties shall be allocated.

8.3        The Competition Manager may give an allowance of 5 minutes and an additional countdown of 60 seconds if such time is requested by the competitors before the competing team is marked as DNS.

8.4        Should a team vehicle have mechanical failure and is unable to start, the Competition Manager may at his discretion give time to the said team to carry out repairs and let them start at a latter time during the particular stage, provided that the repairs are successfully carried out during the time the stage is being run.

8.5        If the repair is unsuccessful during the running of the particular stage, or the vehicle is not deemed fit to compete in the opinion of the Competition Manager, the team would be marked as DNS.



The following infringement shall result in a Team being awarded a DNF and require that Team to immediately remove its vehicle form the course to allow other vehicles to start:


9.1        Four wheels of a competing vehicle cross the competition track.

9.2        The Team completes the stage in a slower time than the time allotted or does not complete the full length of the stage a score of 20 point shall be awarded.

9.3        When a Team is unable to complete a stage due a mechanical fault.

9.4        When a Team receives the start order but is unable to continue the stage after exiting all four wheels out of the starting box.

9.5        When a Team receives outside assistance during the running of a Stage.

9.6        In removing a vehicle from the course the Driver shall follow directions issued by the Stage Manager. The next competing Team shall be ready to start immediately after the removed of the previous Team form the course.




10.1            Competitors who successfully complete a Special Stage during the allotted time will be awarded points (in order of fastest to slowest) as follows:
























13th onwards









11.1      The Marshal at the start point will call out “CLEAR THE TRACK!” before the stage commences.

11.2      Driver and co-driver are to be seated with seat belts fastened in a ‘hands-up’ position as the countdown is being called by the Starting Marshall.

11.3      Timing for competition in a special stage shall commence when the Starting Marshal counts down to either “0” or “GO!”

11.4      The timer will stop when both driver and co-drivers (with seat belts fastened) stop the competing vehicle and lift their hands to the ‘hands-up’ position.

11.5      The Competition Manager or Chief/Starting Marshall would inform the team of their time and the penalty(ies) incurred (if any) and the team driver is to sign a score sheet.






12.1      All competing vehicle are to remain in the vicinity of the competition area. All repairs are to be carried out in the competition venue or designated area. At no time can vehicles leave the competition area to be repaired elsewhere. This clause is designed to provide impartial advantage to visiting teams.

12.2      Vehicles that leave the competition area for repair elsewhere without the knowledge of the Technical Director may incur a maximum penalty of 50 points from the overall score.








Any behaviour that is deemed unsportsmanlike against competitors or organiser, officials or the sponsors including verbal abuse, bad mouthing, etc. will not be tolerated.  Any participant found doing so, shall be immediately disqualified.


14.1      No participant shall interfere or tamper with, any other competitor’s vehicle and/or equipment. Any participant found doing so, shall be immediately disqualified.



The event organiser would provide assistance for recovery of competitors who are deemed DNF.




The organisers reserve the right to:

16.1      Refuse any entry, without giving any reason whatsoever.

16.2      Abandon, cancel, postpone or shorten the event without notice due to any unforeseen circumstances. No claims of any kind shall be entertained due to the abandoning, cancellation, postponement or shortening of the event.

16.3      Exclude any person or vehicle from competition, which fails to meet the scrutineering or administrative guidelines, as set out in the Competition Rules and Regulation.

16.4      Cancel any special stage competition section at any time, including when some competitors may have already completed the section for any reason whatsoever.

16.5      Disqualify any competitor who fails to abide by any rules set out in this event guide and any supplementary amendments or any instructions from the event officials.

16.6      In event of the competition being cancelled, paid-up registered participants are entitled to a total refund of their entry fee. There will not be a refund in case the event is being postponed.

16.7      Paid entry fees are not eligible for refund in case of participants withdrawing from the competition.

16.8      The Organisers reserve the right to change the dates and times of the event, postpone, abandon, cancel a meeting or part thereof amalgamate classes or events with the approval of MAM.

16.9      In the event of abandonment or cancellation of the whole meeting, entry fees will be refunded in full.

16.10    Competitors, Entrants or any Organisation will have no right to claim against the Organiser or MAM for any expenses incurred or losses suffered through the exercising of these rights by the Organisers or MAM or both.


17. The event committee reserves the right to modify or add supplementary rules and regulation at any time and reserves the right to decide on matters not covered in this set of rules and regulations and allocate penalty points or disqualify competitors at its discretion.




18.1      The event organiser its creator/founder, sponsors and their representatives, officials, marshals, land owner, servants and anyone appointed by the event organiser will not be held liable in any accident or incident caused to the participants and their vehicles during the course of the event, including loss of personal belongings injury bodily parts or fatalities.

18.2      The organisers and those named in 18.1 will not be held liable for any participant’s breach of any state and local laws or regulations. The participants will be entirely responsible for any accidents or breach of laws in which liability may arise and shall indemnify the organisers and sponsors of the event by signing the indemnity form.

18.3      The participants will have no claim whatsoever against those named in 18.1 for any losses either in property or in person. It is the participants own responsibility to have in force, a valid insurance coverage against third party liability.

18.4      All participants must agree to and sign an indemnity form before the start of the event. Failure to do so renders the participant ineligible to start with no refund of the entry fee.


19. Any clarification or information required in regards to the rules and regulations laid down in this event guide shall be directed to the event organiser.




Protests : In accordance with MAM’s NCR 12

Appeals : In accordance with MAM’s NCR 13


A copy of NCR 12 & NCR 13 are enclosed with these Further Supplementary Regulations.








Protest Fee: RM 200.00





(i)The right to protest lies solely with any competitor who may consider himself aggrieved by any decision, act or omission of an Organiser, Official, Competitor, or

other person connected with any competition in which he has taken part, except that there shall be no right of protest against a refusal of entry or against the                       decision of a Judge of Fact.

(ii)Nothing in this Rule shall affect or prejudice the right and duty of any official, acting in his official capacity, to take such action as he may deem proper in any circumstance regardless of whether a protest has been lodged or not.


            12.2 Lodging a protest


(i)Every protest shall be in writing signed by the competitor making the protest and shall be accompanied by the fee and (in the case of protest against the qualification or eligibility of a vehicle for any competition) such further amount by way of deposit as

the Stewards may require. Such fee and deposit shall be paid in cash, unless otherwise approved by the Stewards in exceptional circumstances and only be returned if the

            protest shall be deemed to be right and if so directed by the Stewards of the Meeting.

(ii)Protests against the qualification or eligibility of a vehicle for any competition shall specify the details of such alleged ineligibility, and shall not be acceptable otherwise.  The additional fee for dismantling the vehicle prescribed shall accompany any such protest.

(iii)Protests may be withdrawn before a hearing is carried out.  In that case any protest fees will however be forfeited to MAM but deposits for ineligibility investigations and dismantling fees may be returned at the discretion of the Stewards if costs are not already incurred by MAM.


            12.3 Protest Channel


A protest arising out of a competition shall be addressed to the Clerk of the Course for immediate transmission to the Stewards of the Meeting.


            12.4 Time limit for lodging protests


(i)A protest as to the validity of entry, qualification of competitor shall be lodged at the latest before closure of registration;

(ii)A protest as to validity of vehicle or shall be lodged at the latest one (1) hour after the expiration of the time fixed for the official scrutineering of the vehicles.  Protest against exclusion at post race or speed event scrutineering shall be made within thirty (30) minutes of the announcement by officials;

(iii)A protest against driving/riding conduct shall be lodged immediately after the competition.  In such circumstances the protest shall be made with the minimum of delay and at the latest within thirty (30) minutes after the finish of the competition;

(iv)A protest as to a handicap, make up of heat or instruction to drivers/rider shall be lodged at least thirty (30) minutes before the time set for the start of the competition or such lesser time as the Stewards of the Meeting may think justifiable in order to make the lodging of the protest physically possible;

(v)A protest against any mistake or irregularity occurring whilst a competition is taking place shall be lodged within thirty (30) minutes after the finish of the competition, or within such further time as the Stewards of the Meeting may think justifiable in order to make the lodging of the protest physically possible;

(vi)A protest concerning the results of a competition must be made within thirty (30) minutes of their publication at the prescribed place of publication (notice board or result board) or within such further time as the Supplementary Regulations may allow, or the Stewards of the Meeting may think justifiable in order to make the lodging of the protest physically possible;

(vii)Should it be impossible for the Organisers to publish the official results as stated, they shall issue, at the time and place fixed, all accurate details concerning their next steps about the official publication of the results;

(viii)The Stewards of the Meeting shall consider all protests referred to above as urgent.  Where decisions by the Stewards cannot be reached by simple majority, the Chief Stewards shall have the casting vote.









Appeals Fee: RM 1,000.00





(i)Any person or body shall have the right of appeal against a sentence or decision by the Stewards of the Meeting or a Court of First Instance affecting him provided notice of the appeal is given in writing within one (1) hour on the appropriate Notice of Appeal Form together with the appropriate appeal fee.




(i)Where an appeal arises from a decision of the Stewards of the Meeting, notice in writing of intention to appeal must be given to the Chief Steward accompanied by the appropriate appeal fee, within one (1) hour of the announcement of the Stewards decision.  The appeal fee is not refundable if the appellant does not carry out his intention.