4X4 Accessories and Workshops


KINAWAY SDN BHD is perhaps Malaysia's premier supplier of chop parts. Chop parts are things like half-cut front end of vehicles with engine, etc. in tack. Many of our 4X4 use these parts. They have everything. Read about it here.


Borneo 4 WD is the best 4X4 suspension specialist in SE Asia. Lots and loads of sweet parts. Period. Click this link.

Four Wheel Drive Equipment (Miri) has a lot of good original items from ARB (they are the official supplier), JAOS, IPF and the like. They are located in Piasau Industrial Estate, Miri, Sarawak. Phone: 085 655019 mobile:019 8844019 email:

Borneo 4X4 Accessories

First, this shop has nothing to do with the domain name of this website.
Address: Padungan Road, opposite the Chung Hua School. Accessories: Agents for T-Max winch and recovery equipment, bucket liners, bumper bars (front and back) winch bars, lights- spot, drive, etc., roof racks and mounts, floor mats, etc.

What's so good about this shop? This has a lot of stuff, main agent for T-Max (where ARB recently had some inputs to increase their quality) and has locally fabricated items where the prices are about half of the imported ones.

Contact: No. 254, Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang Rd., 93450 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: 082 247285 Fax: 082 419466

Siong Fah in Miri has a wide range of accessories including tyres, rims, bars, roof racks and the lot. They also recondition vehicles. The service is top notch and items can be sent to any location in Sarawak and Brunei. Contact Siong Fah at 085-418802 or 019 - 8152909. Email them at:



Tong Seng 4 Wheel Drive Accessories

Address: Padungan Road right by Borneo 4X4 Accessories. In fact they belong to the same owner and are the 'same shop' only that this one specialises in fitting the items bought from accessory shop. Accessories: Exhaust systems and all metal fabrication for all types of vehicles - skid plates, roll cage, installing extended fuel tanks, welding of all sorts, extra battery brackets, roof racks with powder coating and the works.

What's do good about this shop? If you should buy a winch and want to install it, you would find out that this is no straight forward bolt-on operation. All the fabrication and modification is done here. They are able to custom make and fit all items. Tong Seng has a metal works section that makes exhaust systems for heavy equipment and they have super tools to bend, mould and shape everything.

What's not so good? You have to design what ever you want to make and advice the artisan how to make it. If your design is not right, then you have to remake it. Contact as above. Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang Rd., 93450 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: 082 247285 Fax: 082 419466

Lau Metal Works

Address: 9th Mile Penrissen Road, outside Kuching. Services offered: Full tyre service, car wash, repairs, modifications and competition and expedition set-up. Agent for Pedders accessories-shocks and bushes. Manufacturer of of the best ground anchor around.

What's so good about this workshop?
Firstly the owner Lau Kah Kung is a 4X4 competitor. Lau is a nice soft spoken chap who finds his beginnings in a timber camp, driving and repairing timber trucks. He knows what is needed for a 4X4 vehicle may it be a competition car, an expedition or just a play, play car. Among the cars he has tweak are his own Daihatsu Jeep, a full expedition Toyota MkII with lockers and roll cage, Ahboy's complete competition MkII, Aldrin's complete competition MkII, Vincent's MkII and a host of other vehicles.

What's not so good? There might be a queue of cars here.

Contact Lau 019 887 2215

TCY Motor

Address: now relocated to Pending. Call the phone number below.

What's so good about this workshop?
This is an electrical specialist but also do other repairs and service. Tiong, the owner is hands on and a fairly young lad who schools in English and works with a note book. I especially like the way he draws electrical diagram and labels parts and all.

What's not so good? Don't let looks fool you... the workshop might look like a shack but the electrical work is one of the best in Kuching.

Contact Tiong 016 8868897

Soon Soon Motor

Address: Stephen Yong Road - from the 4th mile traffic lights in Kuching, head towards the traffic lights T-junction and turn left. The workshop is first left.

What's so good about this workshop?
These guys here are all 4X4 competitors. They know how to fortify cars to withstand the trashing received from some of the most extreme terrain. They can modify and adapt e.g. Toyotas to Land Rovers and back. Their specialty areas are engine, transmission and body replacement.

What's not so good? You got to speak Hakka (a Chinese dialect) with them... ..or Malay