Modified Vehicles

Vehicle Type: Toyota BJ73
Vehicle owner: Eunice Lin
Mods include: OME shock and dampers, 3" suspension lift, Safari snorkel, inverter, Visy Fuel tank, Maxxis MT Tyres, Bushranger side fenders, BJ60 axels with lockers, cargo barrier, cargo shelf, rood rack and more. Comes with an orginal PTO winch. Mods were carried out by various mechanics.
Vehicle Type: Range Rover Hybrid
Vehicle owner: James Wong (President of Kinabalu 4WD Club)
Mods (not exhaustive): Oz Racing Rims, Centipede Extreme tyres, Warn 8274 front and back, Optima batteries, modified and lifted suspension, 15BT Toyota Engine, mated to auto gear box and 80 series axels with air lockers. VHF and HAM radio, expedition and competition prepared vehicle. Perhaps the best prepared car in Malaysia. Mods carried out various mechanics.

Vehicle Type: Land Rover Defender 110 V8
Vehicle owner: Lady Lara Croft (UK)
Modifications include: Custom roll cage, spot lights, BFG MT Tyres, checkered plates cockpit, Recaro seats, aluminum storage boxes, snorkel with Cyclone head, SCUBA tanks, Sony VAIO notebook computer, cell phone stand and more.
Conversion/modification by: Land Rover Special Unit

Vehicle type: Daihatsu Jeep, competition prepared
Vehicle owner: Lau Kah Kung (Kuching)
Modifications include: 2.8L Nissan engine, MkII axels with air lockers, super light body, roll cage, Safari snorkel, OME Nitro charger shocks, and Simex Centipede Extreme Tyres.
Conversion/modification by: Lau Meal Works
Vehicle Type: Toyota/Daihatsu Hybrid
Vehicle owner: Robert Chien (Bintulu)
Modification include: Full undercarriage and suspension mod to coil spring, twin turbo engine, PTO winch, external roll cage, OME springs and Mitro charger shocks, Simex Centipede Extreme tyres. Winch brake.
Conversion/modification by: himself
Vehicle Type: Hybrid Buggy based on BJ40 frame
Vehicle owner: Anugrah R. Nunuq (Indonesia)
Modification include: Tube body frame, Warn 8274 winch in front and Warn 8000 behind, Toyota 1JZ 3L engine, Fox Racing Shocks, Simex Centipede Extreme tyres, Recaro seats and more.
Conversion/modification by: unknown
Vehicle Type: Toyota MkII, 1981
Vehicle owner: Eddie Alvarado
Modification include: Everything.
Conversion/modification by: All over the place including himself and ALL the good reputable workshops had a hand in the evolution of this competition vehicle.
Vehicle Type: Toyota BJ 40
Vehicle owner: Laurence Baraw Ullok
Modification include: 3L Turbo charged engine, Warn 8274 winch, radio (what do you expect from a car that cost RM 2,000?!!)
Conversion/modification by: Various workshops.
Vehicle Type: Land Rover Defender 200 TDI
Vehicle owner: Malcolm Jitam
Modification include: 1 KZ 3L engine, snorkel, 2" suspension lift, steering guard, front diff guard, expedition roof rack and CB radio
Conversion/modification by: various workshops

The Rainforest Buggy - what it takes to drive through the jungle...

Unlike the American crawlers or the English Camel Trophy vehicles, the rainforest buggy evolved out of a necessity to go further, go over, and go faster in a very slow going environment. Introducing the SHINBUG- Read all about it here.