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Camp El is an ideal retreat centre as it is isolated, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its busyness. It is not a resort where there are many distractions to dull one’s focus.


Located at the foothills of the Undan Range close to the Bau-Lundu border it is neither too near nor far. Just an hour’s drive away from Kuching, one gets a feeling of being in the ‘great outdoors’ without travelling great distances.


Camp El is located 45km from Kuching and is accessible by a gravel road from the main trunk road. The road is motor-able for vans and saloon cars. There are basic facilities here for a successful camp for most groups.


This camp has been used to run adventure activities e.g., mountain bike race and 4X4 competition, Christian retreats, adult and youth camps.


It can cater up to 100 people comfortably and is perhaps your most cost effective camp facility.





Groups usually rent the entire camp facility and conduct their own programmes, including fun and games.


Groups are also self-catering, meaning that they use our kitchen facilities under the guidance of a kitchen staff and do their own food preparation, cooking, washing, and cleaning-up after.


Camp El’s Facilities

The main meetings hall, 30m long X 20m wide can easily seat 100 people. There is another smaller meeting room at Longhouse 1. The two longhouses have open bunks that can sleep over 50 each and have washroom facilities attached.


There is single phase 220V electricity and the tap water is piped 3km from an artesian well in the nearby mountains.


There are a number of jungle trails with a cool clear mountain stream at Camp El. The jungle is a big playground and campers have their imagination to design games, etc.

The cost for each camper is around RM 6 per day. The cost will depend on the actual duration and number of meals taken at the camp. This cost includes usage of all facilities including kitchen, gas, electricity (lights out at 12 a.m.), usage of refrigerator, cooking facilities and utensils.

The cost does not include bedding materials and mosquito nets, and all items for a personal nature such as bath towels.


What you should know

·        It can get hot from 11am to 2 pm.

·        Nights tend to be cool- about 23C-26C

·        Bring your own first aid

·        Those who are allergic to insects should bring repellent

·        Those allergic to bee stings are to bring their own medication

·        We have dogs, so treat them well


What to bring list

·        Torch light

·        Umbrella or rain coat

·        Bath towel

·        Light blanket or sleep sock

·        Toiletries


Apart from food, bring your own drinks and snacks

Drinking water. The boiled tap water is safe but you may choose to bring bottled water

see camp photo album here

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