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CAVING (and adventure caving)

Limestone. Sarawak, Borneo is full of it. This was once under water and as the water receded after the ice age it washed through it creating cavities, chambers and caves.

Abe Lincoln's profile in Deer Cave, Mulu National Park

There are two main places famous of caving in Sarawak namely: Mulu Caves in the at the Gunung Mulu National Park north of Sarawak and also Bau and Serian areas.

In Mulu one can visit the four show caves (walkway and lights) and can go adventure caving. One of the best route is the Clearwater Connection. Visit the park's website for more info. Yes, we can also take you there on a specialised tour.

Bau and Serian (45km from Kuching in different directions) are easily accessible by car. It offers a variety degrees of difficulty for caving. You could easily walk through Fairy Cave while it may be necessary to use special gear to get through others.

Taking a breather on a caving route

There are also caves in Tai'ee, Giam and also other parts of Borneo. The Niah Caves outside Miri is more suited for those interested in archeology. See Sarawak Forestry Department's site for all information on national park here.

Going through the 'fat man's gap' at the Clearwater Connection in Mulu National Park.


This is Fairy Cave just outside Kuching. No special skill or equipment needed to visit this cave.

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Bau and Serian Caving trip

2 pax = RM 230 per pax
4 pax = RM 200 per pax
Includes: equipment, caving clothes, small meal and drink
All major credit cards accepted.



Bau Caving Day Trip
0900 Depart Kuching and go over land 45km to Bau. You would already put on your 'caving clothes'. Put on caving helmet and lights before embarking on adventure caving. There would be a number of caves that you would be entering and exiting, it would not be one long system. Caves are usually very slippery and there would be section to climb and descent on your 'behind'. Break for snack before continueing. After, wash down and change into clean clothes before returning to Kuching.

What to expect: it would be muddy and wet. You would need to change your clothes after caving. Bring along your drinking water and a pair of shoes with good grip- this is very important to have. No special equipment or skill is needed for this trip.

Mulu Caves 3D/2N
Fly into Mulu and transfer to Park HQ or Mulu Resort. After registering, trek to the tree top canopy walk, then on to Lang's and Deer Cave. See exodus of bats exiting Deer Cave at dusk. Walk back in the dark and look out for nocturnal wildlife. Unique insects will be plentiful. Overnight in park or resort. The following day, proceed by boat to Clearwater and Wind Cave. Have lunch and a swim in the Clearwater pool. Return back to park HQ or resort where time on your own to walk around area on your own. Day 3, depart Mulu to Miri and connect to flight out.



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