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Outdoor Treks has considerable experiencing producing the following:

SPORTS TOURISM EVENTS. We have experience in running and also working with international companies in running sports event.  Our strength are in:

  • Outdoor Treks designs the concept and organisation of the proposed event
  • We have knowledge of the local network working with local government and also state and federal ministries/departments.
  • We have the international network to bring in world class Media including TV production, professional photographers, magazine and radio
  • We have the ability to promote and built up an international following
  • We also have network with target markets

The events that we specialise in are:

  • Multi sport adventure
  • Mountain biking
  • 4X4 Off Road Competition
  • Less competitive sports e.g., kite flying, top spinning, etc.
  • Trail running
  • Triathlon and biathlon (both on and off road type)
  • Sport climbing
  • Water sports events, kayak, raft, jet ski, wind surf and kit surfing racing
  • Tele-match and public participation events

TV PROGRAMME PRODUCTION - This is another of our specialty area. Outdoor Treks are able to scout locations, do the ground arrangements in providing the logistics and equipment and to provide expertise e.g., specialist guides, etc. We have done several TV documentaries notably:

  • Borneo Headhunt with Hans Rey Adventure Team, featuring Hans Rey and Steve Peat (two of the world's leading mountain bikers.) Outdoor Life Network, Ride Guide USA.
  • Rainforest Cup MTB Borneo, Outdoor Life Network, Ride Guide USA.
  • Explorasi Malaysia, Radio Televisyn Malaysia Channel 1 (3 episodes)
  • Extreme Benar Malaysia, TV3
  • Adventure Learning Channel, Adventure Girls (3 episodes)
  • Explorace 2005, TV3 Malaysia, travel reality show
  • and a host of minor and small TV programmes for domestic TV.

TOURISM PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - design and set-up new tourism product that are suitable and unique to the area. We cover the entire process from ideas generation to writing concept papers with EIA etc. We follow a soft systems approach as follows:

  • Audit of the general environment of the area.
  • Concept and design of products based on both internal and external priorities.
  • Test marketing of the product to the internal target market.
  • Test market of the proposed products to the targetted consumer.
  • Implementation of project and product.
  • Advertise, market and promote the product.
  • Train personnel and operate the said product for commercialisation.
  • Design feedback and product improvement systems.

Some of the products we have done are: first natural rock climbing wall for Mulu Resort, river boarding, Batman Wall climbing area, Damai Mountain Bike track.

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