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Borneo has countless ethnic groups from Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei and Kalimantan.

Sarawak alone has 28 different ethnic groups while Sabah has another 30. There are obvious tell tale signs to differentiate one culture from another and we are here to point them out to you.

The Iban takes up 32% of Sarawak's population and can be found in most parts. Often the travel to their village is an adventure by itself. You either go 4x4 off road or by boat. We have trips of various duration, from day trip to multi day trips that includes treks to see wildlife.


Iban gentleman with traditional tattoo. The neck tattoo shows that he is able to withstand high levels of pain. Picture courtesy of Sarawak Tourism Board.

The Bidayuhs extensively use bamboo. This is a 70m long bridge.

Up in the Padawan mountain range, 50 kilometers from Kuching lies the idyllic Bidayuh (Land Dayak) village.

Because of the extreme gradients that surround this area, it has remained isolated and has been known as one of the most remote villages in the area. Villages here live a simple life mainly growing hill paddy. This community is also famed for their group of elderly ladies who wear brass coils on their arms and legs.

This moderate to difficult trek takes one past the Bengoh dam, fruit orchards, rice paddies and also a mixed diptrocarp forest while commanding the vistas of the highlands here.

This is a 3D/2N trekking trip. More details here.





Visit Anah Rias Longhouse.
70 km from Kuching, in Sarawak is the village of Anah Rais. This is one of the largest dwellings of the Bidayuh communicty. This is a traditional village that has much of its roof connected, hence a longhouse. There are very strong evidences of their traditional lifestyle as well as their old beliefs.

Price: RM 240 per pax, min. 2 pax

Beating of the gongs in Anah Rais during a spiritual ceremony.

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