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River kayaking. There are two rivers that we regularly kayak- Padawan river from Anah Rais to Semadang, and the Sarawak River that goes from Babel Bridge to Wind Cave. Both these rivers are seasonal, but the best thing is that it is mostly shaded by the forest.

Some basic kayaking skills will come in handy as there are small rapids and the river meanders quite a bit. However, many beginners have been known to pedal here.

We are able to take groups of up to 15 single kayak for pedaling around Damai. Because of the technical nature of the rivers, we can take groups of up to 6 kayaks (single or double).

Trips includes: Guide, single or double seater kayak with PFD (personal flotation device), backrest and pedals, packed lunch.

What to bring: drinking water, hat, sunscreen and best to wear cotton long sleeves top and river sandals.

Kayaking in the headwaters of Sarawak.



All kayaking trips are subjected to weather conditions.

Most of our kayaks are 'sit on tops'. Often it's hot and these type of kayaks makes it easy to splash water to cool yourself. It is also easier to get on and off. 

Sample programmes.



River kayaking- Sarawak or Krokong River. Pick-up and drive to jetty. Unload kayaks and fit and adjust back rest and PFD. Instruction on basic pedalling techniques will be given. Proceed to put in kayaks and pedal downstream. There are a number of small rapids to go over. There are also some steep river bends and guides will be positioned to make sure that these are negotiated safely. Upon reaching the final destination, carry out kayaks to waiting transport. Packed lunch is supplied.

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