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Corporate team building has been around for as long as we can remember. All corporate companies have established organisational structures however, humans (personnel) comes in great variations in personalities and world views. Therefore corporate team building is needed from time to time to address corporate issues.

Outdoor Treks and Adventures form of teambuilding takes place primarily in the great outdoors. This is more widely known as Outdoor Experiential Learning. So what is it?

  1. an experiential method of learning by doing

  2. all 5 senses are used

  3. takes place primarily through exposure to the out of doors

In outdoor education, the emphasis for the subject of learning is placed on RELATIONSHIPS: relationships concerning humans and natural resources.

Both these RELATIONSHIPS are key to an organisations to be more efficient in staying ahead in our highly complex and competitive world.

corporate team buildingThere is no one size fits all in team building and our programmes are specially suited to your needs. We often utilise a systematic process to design a custom made training programme that caters to your unique requirements.

This means that:

  • Custom made programmes are flexible

  • Custom made programme can fit a variety of budgets

  • We can measure and see the results of our programmes

Our programmes are designed to reach different objectives, here are just some of them:

  • Positive motivation in the work place

  • Teamwork and bonding

  • Leadership and delegation

  • Communication

  • Creativity (making the best of every situation and thinking out of the box)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Physical fitness


We incorporate both mental challenges and adventure activities in all our team building activities. Our well trained guides knows where to push the envelope to bring out the best in all participants.

Adventure often involve risks, extreme and exciting experiences, and our well trained leaders and guides - who run all activities to international standards are more than adequate to see to your safety.

We are also a sports adventure event based company and have all the protocols in place for safety. We had event medic, ambulance and doctor as well as qualified medical first responder in our past events.




Just some of our programmes:

  • Adventure Race - teamwork and bonding, motivation, going beyond the comfort zone, physical fitness, communications and fun.

  • High ropes element - expansion of comfort zones, managing risks, physical fitness and fun. 

  • Survival challenge - creativity, conflict and leadership in the work place.

Sample of programmes

1) Kuching City Quest

Objectives - Teamwork, team bonding, discovery, planning, communications and leadership.

This is like an 'amazing race' event where participants go around Kuching city on foot in search of information and also to find solutions to puzzles. They would need to speak to locals to get information. In doing their tasks, teams need to plan and prioritise whereby they use their strengths to gain maximum points from the different challenges. We have marshals and guides to care for the teams and have bonus tasks.

Cost varies from RM 180 per person for a group of 20 persons.

  • 0830 - Team meets and given brief and challenges. Time for planning and preparation

  • 0900 - Teams go about the city in their quest

  • 1200 - Teams meet together for lunch time challenge

  • 1330 - Teams resume quest

  • 1500 - Teams arrive finish line, submit their findings. Team debriefing and analysis.

  • 1530 - Quest Results and prize giving

  • 1600 - Day's event ends

2) Bau Outdoor Challenge (BOC)

Objectives- Teamwork and bonding, motivation, going beyond the comfort zone, physical fitness, communications and fun.

We begin with an event brief for all participants the day before. This takes the form of a PowerPoint presentation. A number of clues would be shown on this brief without informing the participants. Team would be given task sheets, identifying items e.g., headband, lion cloth, T-shirt etc. They are also required to form a team slogan or chant as well as make their own flag.

A number of activity and adventure stations are set-up all over Bau and its surrounding areas. Teams embark on these stations to carry out different tasks. This includes mental challenges, building skills and adventure activities. There maybe one or two food challenges too. All teams gather in the late morning for a mini-sports meet. Teams will be pleasantly surprised that these sports challenges comes with a twist and 'evens out the playing field'. Lunch would be served after the mini-sports meet. This can be catered or packed lunch. The challenges continue after lunch until the cut off time when all teams return to the stadium area for debriefing, result announcement and prize giving, after which all teams return to Kuching.

Teams would be scored on both their performance during the challenges and also in how they carry themselves with team chants, flag waving, encouragement and team work. The scorers are also looking for leadership, organisation, delegation, communications (includes listening skills), and innovation, etc.

We have a team of photographers and video shooters where we would provide the client with photos and video of the event. We would supply iced drinks with lunch, PA system, music and DJs at the stadium event. We have an Safety Protocol in place with an event doctor as well as Wilderness First Responders present at this event.

The activity stations we had set-up in the past were:

  • Bau Market Challenge

  • The Hut Building Challenge

  • Stadium Mini-Olympics (4 sports activities)

  • Abseil Station

  • Survival Challenge

  • Team Speed Wall Climbing

  • Caving

  • Rock Climbing

Estimated costs for this full day activity is around RM 530 per person in a group of 120.

  • 0700 - Team assemble and transfer to Bau area

  • 0800 - Team arrives Bau area and begin tasks

  • 1030 - Teams group at Bau Stadium for Mini-Olympics

  • 1200 - Lunch

  • 1330 - Teams continue their respective challenges

  • 1600 - Cut off time for all teams to be back at Bau Stadium. This is followed by de briefing, results announcement and prize giving.

  • 1700 - Team returns to Kuching


  • Kuching city

  • Bau areas

  • Padawan areas

  • Damai 

  • Peninsular Malaysia

  • Sabah  

  • Hong Kong

  • China                

Who are we?

Outdoor Treks and Adventures have been in the business of outdoor adventures over twenty years. We run adventure sports events, expeditions and adventure activities as well as outdoor experiential learning programmes. Our key personnel are trained and qualified for outdoor adventure in both activities and wilderness first aid. We are Kuching based but are experienced to run our activities in Sabah, Peninsular Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.





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