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Trekking the Bidayuh Highlands

A Village in the Clouds



Ascending the edge of the Bengoh Range.

Up in the Padawan mountain range, 50 kilometers from Kuching lies the idyllic Bidayuh (Land Dayak) village of Semban. Because of the extreme gradients that surround this area, it has remained isolated and has been known as one of the most remote villages in the area. Villages here live a simple life mainly growing hill paddy. This community is also famed for their group of elderly ladies who wear brass coils on their arms and legs. This moderate to difficult trek takes one past the Bengoh dam, fruit orchards, rice paddies and also a mixed dipterocarp forest while commanding the vistas of the highlands here. The other highlight of this trip is a trek to the waterfalls where you can participate in preparing and enjoying a traditional Bidayuh picnic lunch cooked entirely in bamboo utensils.

Ladies of the Rings in a spiritual dance

Departures: We are able to run the trip with 1 day notice (subject to availability)

Rates: Please inquire as costs vary with season (from MYR 700 per person).


Day 1



Pickup from Singgahsana Lodge


Arrive at trailhead & commence trek to the Semban village.


Expect to arrive at Kampung Bojong. Quick cooling off swim at waterfall and have our simple packed lunch


Continue trek to Semban Village


Expect to arrive at Semban Village. Settle into accommodation for the night. Afternoon tea & evening walk around village


Dinner followed by briefing by guide.

Day 2



Wake up call & proceed to sunrise viewing area


Back to residence for shower & breakfast


Commence trek to Pen Waterfalls


Arrive at and enjoy the magnificent waterfalls


Picnic lunch followed by siesta time


Commence trek back to village


Time is free to walk around the village


Dinner and retire to bed after socializing with hosts, story telling and traditional music


Socialize with host and other locals

Day 3



Wake up call




Commence trek back to trail head


Expected arrival at trail head and meet transport back to Kuching


Expected arrival at Singgahasana Lodge

Included in this trip are:

  1. Transportation to and from trail head from Singgahsana Lodge

  2.  A trained and experienced guide for the duration of trip.

  3. Simple mattresses and blankets (most of you will be sleeping on the floor in our hostís guestrooms)

  4. Toilet facilities are basic but clean and only traditional Ďmandií or cold showers is available, enjoy.

  5. Meals:

  • Simple packed lunch of bean paste/meat buns or alternative, fruits & 2 bottles of mineral water (you need to carry your own) each.

  • 2 simple afternoon teas (coffee/tea & biscuits) at village residence.

  • 2 typically local dinners of rice, vegetables & meat. Water, coffee/tea provided.  (you may be able to buy some soft drinks even warm beer at the village kiosk depending on available stocks)

  • 2 full breakfasts.

  • Picnic lunch of rice and accompaniments.

  • You should get a refill of water with your water bottles before departing the village.  Your host will supply you with boiled water and this is safe for drinking.

What to bring:

  1. Proper footwear. Wear your most comfortable footwear as the walk is long. Running or trekking shoes recommended. Teva sandals would be OK but sneakers would also suffice.

  2. Still and or video cameras to capture your experiences

  3. A photocopy of your passport, drivers license or some other form of id is advised

  4. A change of clothes as you will be drenched in sweat upon arrival and another set to sleep in

  5. A dry towel, soap, shampoo (if required) and swimming gear

  6. A torch light

  7. Insect repellent, sunscreen and a cap (as part of the trail is uncovered).

  8. A sleeping bed liner or light sleeping bag or a bed sheet.

  9. All electronic supplies such as batteries for your cameras, etc. You will not be able to buy these at the village.  Make sure your batteries are fully charged as there is limited electricity supply.

  10. Snacks, drinks and all other nutritional supplements you may require for both your outgoing and returning from Semban.

  11. A little toilet paper (now donít go and take all our supplies at the lodge) in case you have to do your business in the woods.

  12. Some gifts for the kids if you like. Please refrain from giving them sweets and chocolates.  School stationeries recommended.  Most of them would be at boarding school though (2 hours walk away)

  13. An empty plastic bag if you want to collect rubbish on the way down.

  14. As we will be in rural villages, bring only Ringgit Malaysia in cash ideally in smaller denomination notes. No credit cards.  

  15. Finally, bring a sense of adventure and loads of patience and resilience, as itís a long, long walk, enjoy. Donít be afraid of heights.

YouTube video link: Semban video part 1 Semban video part 2

Photos from the trek.


This is an isolated village and the way to get there is only by trekking.


We'll need to cross some traditional bamboo bridges.


Chill out and cool down on arrival at our host's home.


Some have the chance to meet the traditional Bidayuh ladies who wears brass coils.


A local picnic lunch - rice, and accompaniments all cooked in bamboo - traditional Bidayuh style.


Swim in the cool pools at the Pen waterfall