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Need for Professional Instruction

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There are many people who own four wheel drive vehicles and want to use their vehicles to visit places off the beaten path. However there is very little or no available information about the capabilities of their vehicles or driving technique instruction. 4X4 is a participatory sport that can involve the family and when drivers have the ability and confidence to drive over long distances, they would contribute to domestic travel.

Instructors Eddie Alvarado (driving) and Laurence Baraw (spotting) will take course participants through the finer details of 4X4 off road driving

Off Road Trax was designed to train drivers to safely travel the distance especially where the tarmac ends and the 'off road' begin.

Courses are held from time to meet the different driving skill levels. There are currently two courses being offered:

1. Basic Level Off Road Driving (click for details)

2. Advance Level Expedition Driving (click for details)

Who is behind this training
The Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism together with Best Systems a local sports and leisure consultant are organising a series of 4X4 skills training course for interested off roaders.

Course methodology
Instruction would be given in theory, followed by practical demonstration. Those interested may tryout their new found skills by overcoming obstacles under the guidance of the instructors. A course handbook would be given to participants.

The Instructors
Instructors are seasoned off roaders who have participated in 4X4 events in the last decade. They bring with them a wealth experience about driving techniques, vehicle control and maintenance.

Eddie Alvarado 15 years experience off roader. Captain of Team Sarawak 4X4 in a number of competitions including Borneo Safari and Rainforest Challenge. Experienced in organising off road competition and expedition.




Laurence Baraw Ullok have been off roading for 12 years. He has been a key technical team member of 4x4 events also been a keen competitors in many events.





What do you need to join the training:

  • A suitable 4 wheel drive vehicle
  • Personal interest and enthusiasm
  • An adventurous spirit

What else?

  • A fee of RM 60 per vehicle with TWO drivers is applicable for all registered participants.
  • Participants would be given an event T-shirt.
  • Recovery vehicles will be on hand should the need arise.
  • All participants are to sign a waiver.

To register, please printout the registration form, fill and fax.

For more information, please contact:

Malcolm Jitam, phone/fax: mobile:


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